Florida Professional Paddlesports Association

FPPA Committees and Volunteers

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FPPA is all about volunteers. There is no paid staff. All the hard work is done by a crew of hardworking volunteers.

The following commitees and volunteers have the following assignments:


Capt. Charles Wright/Chair, Bill Kowalik

Brochure/Print Material:

Brian Ruddeforth/Chair, Becky Bragg


Eric Bailey/Chair, Becky Bragg


Becky Bragg/Chair, Trent Anthney


Eric Bailey/Chair, Becky Bragg

Marketing/Agency, Government Websites

Connie Langmann

Social Media Page Development


Marketing Projects include

      Social Media Pages: Becky Bragg

      FPPA website listing on agency websites: Connie Langmann to check

      FPPA Web Directory Listings:

      FaceBook: Becky Bragg, Trent Anthney handles FaceBook posts

Government & Agency Committee 

Becky Bragg/Chair, Trent Anthney

Business Committee:

    Vendor Discounts:

    Vendor Discounts: Charles Wright (insurance)

    Merchant Services: Brian Ruddeforth

    Go with A Pro sticker: Becky Bragg

    BizTip Newsletter: Volunteer needed

Association & Agency Representation:

BAC; Becky Bragg

DEO: Becky Bragg

FOWA: Trent Anthney, Capt. Wright

FWC: Becky Bragg

BAC NMBWG: Becky Bragg

Water Districts: TBD

VF: Becky Bragg








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