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 Nov 2018 DateEventTime
    Nov 29-24 Advent(26 days)

 Dec 2018 DateEventTime
    Dec 22 Winter Solstice
    Dec 23 Festivus
    Dec 25 Christmas
    Dec 26 Boxing Day
    Dec 26 Kwanza
    Dec 27 National Fruitcake Day
    Dec 31 New Year's Eve

 Jan 2019 DateEventTime
    Jan 5 Bird Day
    Jan 8 Male Watchers Day
    Jan 11 National Step in a Puddle and Splash Your Friend D
    Jan 12 Girl Scout Day
    Jan 14 National Dress Up Your Pet Day
    Jan 15 National Hat Day
    Jan 21 Squirrel Appreciation Day
    Jan 23 Measure Your Feet Day
    Jan 24 Beer Can Day
    Jan 28 Have Fun at Work Day

 Feb 2019 DateEventTime
    Feb 1 Robinson Cursoe Day
    Feb 8 Kite Flying Day
    Feb 11 Fossil Hunting Historical Day
    Feb 18 Great Backyard Bird Count
    Feb 19 Temporary Insanity Day
    Feb 20 Love Your Pet Day
    Feb 28 Public Sleeping Day

 Mar 2019 DateEventTime
    Mar 3 World Wildlife Day
    Mar 4 Hug a G.I. Day
    Mar 12 Plant a Flower Day
    Mar 12 Girl Scout Day
    Mar 18 Awkward Moments Day
    Mar 22 International Goof-Off Day
    Mar 22 Goof Off Day

 Apr 2019 DateEventTime
    Apr 3 Find a Rainbow Day
    Apr 7 National Beer Day
    Apr 7 No Housework Day
    Apr 8 Draw a Picture of a Bird Day
    Apr 18 National Animal Crackers Day
    Apr 22 Jelly Bean Day
    Apr 26 National Kids and Pets Day
    Apr 30 Hairstyle Appreciation Day

 May 2019 DateEventTime
    May 3 National Two Different Colored Shoes Day
    May 6 No Homework Day
    May 13 Frog Jumping Day
    May 28 National Hamburger Day
    May 30 My Buckets Got a Hole In It Day

 Jun 2019 DateEventTime
    Jun 1 National Go Barefoot Day
    Jun 5 World Environment Day
    Jun 11 Take Your Dog to Work Day
    Jun 18 International Picnic Day
    Jun 26 National Canoe Day

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